the linkedin ninja's guide to compliance and the power of Linkedin:

How to be Effective, Compliant, and Gain a Competitive Advantage

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The ultimate guide to help financial and securities professionals and their compliance officers understand how compliance policies and regulatory interpretations affect effective implementation of LinkedIn. As one of the few people consistently analyzing social media compliance policies across the industry and the advisors' implementation of said policies, I have a unique perspective as to how the interpretation of the regulations have changed over the years and areas where conservative policies are unnecessarily eliminating any potential success in compliantly using LinkedIn to get new clients. This guide will share what parts of LinkedIn should be provided greater permissions than others - and why - to help your advisors gain a competitive advantage over other advisors from companies with strict policies and no concern for their advisors truly using this tool successfully.

Authored by Crystal Thies, the co-author of the FIRST book on social media for financial advisors, "The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors: How to Use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to Build and Grow Your Business," Bloomberg Press, 2012.

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